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Why do Home Buyers Love Granite Countertops?

Making a home your own means adding touches that mirror personal taste but that also appeal to future buyers when itís time to sell.

Since kitchens and bathrooms are very high-use rooms, most homeowners want give these areas a distinctive look that will also add to their homeís value. One of the best ways to make these rooms standouts is adding granite countertops.

Granite Basics

For a stone, granite displays an amazing variety of patterns and colors. It traces its origins to a time when molten rock burst out of the earthís core. Depending on the part of the globe where it originates, granite forms with dense, sparkling swirls. The most popular choices have gray, pink, or white tones. Since no two pieces are alike, this stone is unique for home use. After miners retrieve granite slabs, they polish them to reveal the finished pattern and color before sending them to countertop manufacturers. Beyond the appeal of a particular slab to a homeownerís personal taste, granite countertops offer a number of important benefits :

They Resist Heat

Since these countertops resist heat, thereís no danger of burning or scorching if someone sets a hot skillet or a heated hair appliance on one. The stone naturally feels cool to the touch, making it a good working surface in the kitchen.

Theyíre Beautiful and Unique

The beauty of granite countertops boosts a homeís resale value, making them one home improvement with a great ROI. Just as a homeowner takes pleasure in graniteís appearance, prospective buyers viewing a property will think ďtop of the lineĒ when they spy these countertops. Pitting, specks, patterns, and color variations give this stone a natural and completely distinctive appearance.

They Offer Structural Pluses

Think granite, think strong. While graniteís firm shape coupled with its flat surface makes these countertops particularly useful for cooking in the kitchen, the stone can also be put to great use as a patio countertop.

They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Itís possible to fashion this versatile stone into any shape a homeowner prefers and even create some very fancy edges. Its ability to become an oval, an arch, or another favorite shape allows a homeowner to choose some unique countertops.
There are a number of ways to get a custom look without straining a bank account. In some cases, ľĒ-thick granite tops substrate board to lower cost. Itís also possible to mix granite with other materials. Another way to cut cost is interspersing remnants with laminate or other materials. For a focal point thatís easy on the budget, consider limiting the use of granite in the kitchen to an island countertop, which is easy to create with a remnant.

They Donít Require an Undermount Sink

The need to use an undermount sink is a concern for many homeowners who love all the other benefits of granite. In fact, itís not necessary. Some good choices include vessel sinks, self-rimming or top-mounting sinks, and farmhouse or apron sinks.

Theyíre So Easy to Maintain and Repair

Granite is a very clean stone that forms a sanitary surface. Itís also relatively easy to clean by wiping it with a soft towel with warm water. Homeowners can also purchase a granite cleaner that applies a protective film to countertops. Acidic substances such as soda left on granite too long could cause damage. The use of sealants and stone cleansers can help prevent staining. Application of a sealer every year helps keep countertops in their best condition. If a stain does occur, a paste of flour and bleach left on it and then rinsed off is a fix. Because granite is a very durable stone, itís hard to damage it in a home.

These countertops are difficult to scratch since the only materials that are as hard as granite are quartz and diamonds. If a countertop does chip, itís easy for a professional to repair or replace it. Prospective buyers will love your granite countertops for the same reasons you do. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs that create a focal point in a home. You can rest assured that selecting this material adds a unique touch that you can both enjoy and consider an investment in your homeís value.

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